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Prezi, a direct competitor of the Office product, Microsoft PowerPoint is a software devoted to non-linear and zoomable presentations. Thanks to this desktop version of the online service, you will be able to create powerful presentations using visuals that will engage your audience. The program emulates a unlimited whiteboard space in which users can brainstorm and collaborate in real-time in the same version of the document.

You will be able to create powerful presentations using visuals that will engage your audience

What takes this software a step beyond PowerPoint, is the non-linear workflow. Prezi works with maps of ideas that are scattered around the canvas, that follow a pre-selected order, that can be nested without needing to duplicate slides or return to the main slide to advance the presentation.

There are lots of themes to choose from
There are lots of themes to choose from

Getting started

Once you are finished with the setup process, and you finally have the program in your desktop, you can decide whether to start with a blank canvas or select a reusable template. There are tons of different ones available. If you decide to pick a template, you can edit the elements you want, and even copy and paste (“borrow”) pre-made content from other templates. To do this, choose a reusable template and click on “Save a copy”.

You can navigate around the canvas by zooming in and out, by using the mouse scroll wheel or by clicking the + and – icons located on the right side of your screen. Panning to move left, right, up and down, is as simple as holding down the left button of your mouse.

With the Transformation Tool you can move, resize and rotate elements as you like. It will appear as a toolbar anytime you insert a new frame in your Prezi. Similarly, you will be able to customize colors and fonts with the Theme Wizard. If you want to take customization a step further, you can create branded themes by adding your own colors to the wizard.

With Prezi, frames work like slides and are a useful way to group ideas. You can select a frame in the “Frames & Arrows” menu, where you can find Bracket, Circle, Rectangle and Invisible frames. You can also change their color, size and position. In that module you will find arrows and a highlighter. In the “Insert” menu, you will be able to select diagrams, symbols and shapes from a huge built-in library.

Perhaps the most difficult part of making presentations with Prezi is rearranging elements with the Path sidebar. However, it requires just few minutes of practice to learn how it works. To set the path, click on “Edit Path” on the left part of the screen. Then, start clicking on the objects of your canvas and rearrange them as you would like them to appear. Once you have created several Prezis, you will have access to all of them in the Home screen. If you created your presentation online, you can download any Prezi made on and edit them offline with the Prezi desktop software.

Prezi 5.0.8 Features

The unique features of Prezi are:

  • Ability to Present Offline, with no need for an Internet connection
  • Transformation Tool to move, resize and rotate objects
  • Theme Wizard allows customizing colors and fonts
  • Automatic synchronization of all your projects across several devices, online and offline
  • More saving capabilities: choose to save Prezis in a local folder, store them in the cloud, or both
  • Zoom and pan across the slide to freely move in all directions
  • Ability to easily and instantly import media such as images, videos or sound
  • Several people can work simultaneously on the same Prezi
  • Ability to present as a team, by remotely handing over the lead to someone else
  • Path sidebar to settle the appearance order of elements
  • Great built-in library of diagrams, symbols and shapes
  • Bracket, Circle, Rectangle and Invisible frames

If you want to read more information about Prezi before you decide to download it, you can visit the developer’s site.

You can print your presentations
You can print your presentations

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Prezi in your PC are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or later
  • Processor: 2.33 GHz or faster
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • HDD: 1.5 GB of free space available

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