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Joomla is a Content Management System, or CMS, that allows you to develop dynamic and interactive websites. You can create, edit or delete content on a website easily through an Admin panel. Joomla is an open-source program developed in PHP and released under GPL. This Content Management System can be used on a local PC (in Localhost), on an intranet, or over the Internet, and requires for its operation a database created with MySQL manager and Apache HTTP server.

One of the biggest advantages is that this CMS has its base functionality can be extended by free extensions, the type of extensions are components, modules, templates, plugins and languages.

This CMS is developed in an MVC architecture that allows you to interact directly with the visual part and customize your website with modules, plugins, etc. One of the biggest advantages is that this CMS has its base functionality that can be extended by extensions. The types of extensions are components, modules, templates, plugins and languages.


The components are extensions that load as the main functional element in Joomla. This is the case with com_content which is the main component management standard Joomla content. The components are characterized because Joomla natively only supports the management of one component at the same time. The modules are extensions that allow you to upload into a position in a Joomla template, a data output specific functionality, and a module usually allows you to place the output of a component.

The templates are extensions that allow you change the visual part of the CMS. The index.php file in the Joomla determines where to load components and modules. The plugins are extensions that run under selected triggers, performing selected actions while the CMS performs the load. The languages are translation files that allow you to place the CMS in any language; native Joomla is multi-language. Also there are several extensions available such as generators of dynamic forms, newsletters, subscription services, document managers, and ad systems, among others. There are free manuals available that you can download to help you.

Joomla! 3.1.0 Features

  • You can generate well-formed HTML code
  • You can manage blogs, notices, forums, articles, etc.
  • You can define as many menus and submenus as you need
  • You can manage users to create specific content or give access to certain parts of your site only to registered users
  • You can upload files and images for designing your website
  • You can create additional modules to allow you to place files in certain parts of your website
  • You can manage banners that let you have advertising on your website
  • Design based on templates that you can modify to fit your needs

If you need more information before you download Joomla, feel free to visit the developers’ website here .

System requirements

Before you download Joomla, check the minimum system requirements:

  • PHP 5.2.4
  • MySQL 5.0.4
  • Apache 1.3.42 or 2.x

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