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Nowadays on the Net there are multiple photo editing programs, image managers and picture effects. However, there are just a few who can unite all those capabilities in one freeware program. Photoscape is a complete editing software for photography lovers with all the necessary tools for picture retouching and image management, with a face finder tool and printing options.

Photoscape is one of the most famous photo software programs available on the Internet and makes image editing easier and more enjoyable than other programs like Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint. With a highly intuitive and open interface, Photoscape unites all the options that you need to develop your work and to let your imagination fly.

Intuitive and open interface
Intuitive and open interface

How to use

To download and install Photoscape is quite simple. Just download it from our link, click on the installation file, and you will be ready to work with it. There are no complicated steps to start with; superimposed on the software screen you will find a toolbar and on the main screen, a ring that displays all of Photoscape´s features.

Photoscape unites all the options that you need to develop your work and to let your imagination fly

Photoscape works smoothly and much faster than other photography editing software. It is translated into 34 languages and offers you all the tools that you need for working with your images. It includes multiple brushes, color selectors, GIF animation tools and all the basic editor tools. Even in this version, Photoscape has enhanced its RAW support and is able to work with JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and RAW formats.

This software is an ideal solution to retouch and improve your images. We have to remember that is a freeware software, so it doesn’t have the economic machine that Adobe or Corel have behind them, but it is a very functional program that will help you to manage and edit your photos. Use Photoscape as a quick option to get the best from your pictures.

Photo editor, viewer and Batch-Editor. All in one
Photo editor, viewer and Batch-Editor. All in one

Photoscape 3.6.5 Features

Check Photoscape’s main features below:

  • Photo editor, viewer and Batch-Editor, all in one
  • GIF Animation capabilities
  • Customize photo printer option
  • Screen Capture
  • Utilize the Face Finder via the Internet
  • Screen Capture
  • RAW support
  • Fast and without large memory requirements
  • Create compound mosaics and posters ready to print
  • Thumbnail support

For more information about the software, after downloading, please feel free to check the developer’s website .

System Requirements

Photoscape doesn’t need special requirements to run. It works anywhere from Windows 95 onwards, is small at 20MB. Any computer able to run this Operating System and with this amount of free HDD space is able to work with Photoscape without problems. However, it will be beneficial to have as much RAM memory as possible to work with the effects faster.

  • Complete software for photo editing
  • Multiple filters and tools
  • Thumbnail presentation
  • Fast and with no large memory requirements
  • Tab interface
  • Limited RAW support
  • Not often utilized

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