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Adobe Fireworks is indispensable software for web designing. Completely focused on that task, it is probably the best program to create and lay out all your work for the Net. From graphic creation, to photo editing and web presentation, the possibilities are limitless. One of the three Macromedia survivors (with Flash and Dreamweaver); it is now completely integrated with the Adobe Suite.

In May 2013, Adobe announced the end of Fireworks continuity, so even though the CS6 version is still working and receiving some kind of support it seems that it’s days are numbered. The Californian company has implemented the flagship software (Photoshop) with most of CS6’s main characteristics. Therefore, if you are a web designer, this is probably the last chance to get this amazing software.

How to use

Adobe Fireworks CS6 seems to be the last graphic editor solely focused on web designing. The whole idea is to create light graphics, to fit on an easily re-touchable layout. Working with vector lines and forms we will be able to create everything from buttons to complete creative interfaces. The app includes all the necessary tools for drawing, editing and photo editing and retouching, with multiple filters to ease the work.

Even though the program is the CS6 version (there will be no more versions) it is completely integrated with Adobe Suite and works perfectly with Dreamweaver for HTML and PDF exportation. Adobe Fireworks works well with Flash and Photoshop, but those programs had been updated effectively so there will come a time when we will no longer require the help of Fireworks.

If you are a web designer it is probably the last chance to get this amazing software

As with the rest of the Adobe Suite’s latest versions, the Adobe Fireworks CS6 design is now faster to use. The improved memory management makes the workflow seem faster. Apart from that, the software jumps to the 2.0 generation and assists in designing for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The design translation into CSS3 content is now quickly and cleanly achieved. Fireworks offers jQuery support and CSS sprites, simplifying the entire working process.

Adobe Fireworks 6 is a great solution for every web designer, and the perfect goodbye for an incredible software, which whilst the best, eventually has lost the battle against the powerful Photoshop, et al. This is your last chance to get Adobe Fireworks before it finally disappears. Had fun with it!

PNG problem with Photoshop solved
PNG problem with Photoshop solved

Adobe Fireworks CS6 Features

This is a free trial version. Check the latest features of the full version:

  • Faster than before
  • Updated Color system. More intuitive and (finally) makes more sense
  • Overhauled Fill and stroke tool.
  • jQuery support
  • Completely integrated with the Adobe Suite. Enhanced workflow
  • Scalable Patterns
  • New and many relevant symbols have been added to the Common Library
  • Enhanced exporting HTML/CSS
  • Updated template system for I-products and grid systems
  • PNG problem with Photoshop solved

For more information about Adobe Fireworks CS6, after downloading, please check the developer’s website .

Updated Color system. More intuitive
Updated Color system. More intuitive

System Requirements

Before the download, please check your computer fits the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP with the Service Pack 3 installed
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor
  • RAM: at least 1GB
  • Hard-Disk space: 1GB free HDD space is required for program installation
  • Graphic Card: 1280x1024 display with 16-bit
  • Internet connexion: Required for software activation

  • Each version is easier to use than previous
  • Perfect integration with the Adobe Suite
  • Multiple templates to use
  • The best of it’s genre but…
  • … it seems that Adobe is planning on retiring this program in future
  • As every Adobe’s product, is very heavy

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